Oct 11, 2011


The metgneers chopper seems to be a big hit every time I see one it is sold before the end of the day it seems. These have a vendor value purchase of about 11.5k in addition to the titanium steel and arctic fur that is to be used. These mounts are great because they are 2 person mounts, it counts for an achievement and it counts towards the 25 50 and 100 mounts achievement (if there are other achievements that i missed then it will count for those too) The mount usually sells for about 17.5k on my server so check your server for the best selling price.  I personally have a guy who sells me these for right at 14k and that is a sweet 3.5k profit just to use my silver to post an item that I know will sell as fast as I can get them. This is because the seller wants to make a quick sell. He is getting a profit of about 3-600g and I on the other hand have enough money to get the great deals.