Dec 22, 2011

A whole new world.

Recently I heard about something called a gold rush. The idea behind this is to start a new character on a realm that you have no other characters on the realm. So what I have decided to do is start a character on a new realm. There was something about someone making this a contest. What I have decided to do on this was to play this new realm and post how my progress goes to make it to a million again.

This is going to be a whole new world basically because I am gong to be doing it with out any profession, level or even any guild members help. The only advantage I am going to have here is the knowledge that I have from the other servers that I have played on. Over my characters I have played on many servers and many different characters on my main server though I have the one of each class characters. I have them all from each of the different races.

On my new server I am gong to be testing both factions of the new server. Also I want to take this time to apologize to you the other gold makers of the server that I am going to. I am not going to name the server at this time just to protect my self in going to a new server.

I would like to know what tips you have to help me get there that I might have forgotten about. Also any other comments are welcome as well.