Dec 27, 2011

help my addon is broken. Item auditor.

There is an addon called Item auditor that I have been using for a while. I am really looking to get another addon that is more up to date. The addon is really great on how it works. It takes the price of an item lets say some elementium ore you bought off the auction house for 5g81s each then it will add the price of 2 ore together when you smelt a bar and give you a bar price of 11g62s each. Then you need to get some Pyrite Ore off the auction house for the price of 14g44s then after smelting those you have a price of 28g88s for those bars and then you purchase the Volatile Earth from the auction house for a price of 5g65s each. After you find that you have all the materials bought for making an Ebonsteel Belt Buckle with the addon it will tell you what you have invested into the buckles  so for this example you would see Ebonsteel Belt Buckle has a price of 4(11g62s + 28g88s + 5g65s) for a price of 184g60s. This is all done based on the addon for you automatically to always know what the price of materials you have put into something. With TSM it works well with this set as a fallback price of 130% and then I set the thresh hold for a nice market price so for this example i see from tuj that the price of buckles on my server are 315g79s  I usually set my price to about 400g so that as long as someone else is posting them for under 400g i will post that same price minus my undercut but I will never get to a point to selling them for less then 239g98s so that I will always make a profit of some kind but then I don't have to keep track of all the prices of my invested prices. 

So the whole thing that I am saying here is that if know of another addon that will do this then let me know since it seems as though the author of this addon had abandoned this project. Also if anyone knows how to make this one work fully again then let me know how to patch it or re-release the addon as something new. I would love to be able to code this my self but I haven't coded in so long it would be a project for me just to learn the code. If no one else will step forward then I guess that's the way it will go just hoping someone had an easier idea. 

Markets of the week.

I would like to start a new section on the blog that will be talking about market of the week. Now I know there are those tried and true markets that just work. See there are glyphs pets enchantments gems scopes belt buckles and bags but I want to really focus on the niche markets the ones that are small but have powerful returns.

My recent hot streak is the mysterious fortune card I have had over 400 of these selling for me and just can't seem to keep them on the shelf. I post them for just under 20g each and I post about 80 of them at a time. There are never hardly any returns on the cards and I make sure to bark them 4-5x while I am on my banker.