Sep 9, 2011


Economy there are many ways that gold enters the economy the diffrent ways that I have found this to happen are as follows:  from daily's, NPC drops, NPC vendors and Cash Flow (the guild perk).

Gold leaves the economy by: NPCs for, repairs, AH fees and cuts. NPC vendors for mounts, gear, training, reforging, and soon transmorgify and void storage...

Now that we understand this we know that all other money in the game is just from trading it never really goes any where. What this means to the everyday Joe is that with the lowest level of thought you can make gold doing dailys vendoring junk and looting everything you can find.

What I want to have people think about is all the things that you have done and all the places you have spent money and go ahead and try to find some way to get others to give you their hard earned gold willingly.

Sep 8, 2011

Tips of the week..

Hey guys and gals, well it has been a while since I have posted to the blog. I have come here to tell you that I do still exist. I was having alot of personal stuff going on in my life and in the guild. As for the guild you ask we are doing great we are all the way up to level 14 now.

The first thing i want to do is talk about the new patch coming out. I have not heard a ton of information about the new patch just that it is to be the release of the epic gems. So what  have speculated and don't follow this advice if you don't want to but I believe that pyrium ore will prospect the new gems and I also feel like the Fire Prism will be making the epic gems as well. So what I am doing is saving all my ore that I have and stock piling what i find and then I am also making my Prism daily and to get around the fact that you cant have more then one at a time i just make it and send it to my alt banker to store it in the guild bank.

More to come soonish...