Mar 19, 2011

Getting started lets go farm for a while.

I use to farm for things that I needed as a player. This is never looked on as bad just that there are more efficient ways to make money but to say the least I love to just sometimes when I am board I will go and farm things like ore and herbs. Sometimes when I get bored I will go and do things like Running old instances. The thing to look at when you are farming is if it worth it to do it as far as money goes. By this I mean if you are strapped for cash then evaluate where the money is best at. For example you can farm stacks of cloth say 30 stacks in an hour costing 5g per stack or you can go and farm 15 stacks of ore in the same time for 80g per stack then the reason is obvious. So you have 50g and that is all you have and want to get started in making tons of Gold then use that money to start at the bottom and look for good deals that are low cost to this endeavor. More to come later.

Mar 18, 2011

Bulk Buying.

I recently had someone ask about if it is worth it to buy in bulk vs singles. As alot of other people have already stated there is always a market for both. I personally will want to make an item say a Heavy Savage Armor Kit this takes 4 Heavy savage leather now if there is a stack of 20 Heavy savage leather and this is the cheapest leather on the AH then you will have 16 left after you craft the kit. So I personally will buy the 20 off the ah at the normal low price of about 80g for the stack and then sell the singles on the ah for say 6g each this will help off set the cost of your leather and 16x6=96g that you will make back selling singles. Sure it will take some time but the cost of the armor kit you made to use would be negated and then you will have 16g in your pocket before the AH cut of 5% and the posting fees of 1s per 12hr post. The point of the topic today is that no matter why you buy in bulk it is always worth it as long as there is a market for it.

Ps sorry about the late post for the day I try to put it up daily but some time Real life gets in the way.

Mar 17, 2011

Leather working tips..

I have been moving 8-10 Mammoth mining bags a week and these things cost almost nothing. On my server I am unloading them at about 185-225g and they only cost: 8 heavy borean leather = 48 borean leather 82s each = (39g36s) as of current prices on the ah for the leathers. I have my snatch list set up to grab them up at 46s though so I am increasing my profit almost 1000% from the prices they are selling for.

Mar 15, 2011

Vendor Items..

Okay well I wanted too let you know about the vendor in SW that is just out side the trade district that sells herbs Bernard Gump sells kingsblood and wild steelbloom.  They are both are just a silver so pick them up when you are around and then you can sell em in stacks of 5 for all those guys milling that buy them. 5s over a few days makes you 6g.

Mar 14, 2011

Quick tip

Just a quick tip you can duel farm meaning mining and herbalism. I have found that with questing and these pair of skills for an average hour of questing I usually pick up about 300g - 600g of mats and meats to sell on the auction house. I was doing this on my level 65 rogue, last night and got 8 stacks of ore 5 stacks of herbs and about 18 different pieces of meat. When I logged back in I had 742g in my mail box to log in for a level 65 character I think that is really good. Also the benefit of doing this is that it helped me level.

Mar 13, 2011

Free money

I was just scanning the auction house tonight and found Zephyrite on sale in the auction house for under 9g each.  You can buy these and cut them to any gem and then vendor the gem and get 9g in return for them. Of course the price of the gem on the AH is going to determine your profit. As a person looking to make a little bit of money on the side then this is just a few silver each time but tonight i bought out almost 200 of them all about 8g25s each so this made me a profit of 150g just for some afk crafting while I went and had some afk time.