Dec 16, 2011

Break time..

I have very little time right now for wow with work picking up and going so quickly. I am going to be taking a little bit of time off from the blog. I am currently thinking of changing the format of the blog and see to new content. I have so many ideas and things that I want to be able to share with you all but am currently working alot but after the holiday season <western new year> then I will start to post again. I am currently working on more content but have been having posts being rushed and then I don't like the format that it is presented in, so I am going to keep working on posting to the blog and then work on having it more polished i will still be tweeting when I have new tips and tricks and posting the full break down at the blog.

Dec 15, 2011

Netherweave Bags again.

Just wanted to let you know about Netherweave Bags again. I was showing my girlfriend how to use the undermine journal and looked up the bag to show her what I had going on there. I posted this a while back that you could get a good deal on them and I have been posting these for a while for anywhere from 10-35g and the amazing thing is that I see my bags selling for 30g all the time when there are many on the ah for under 15g each. I have no idea why they buy mine other then the fact that the buyer is just buying the first item that they see. As an entrepreneur I have no problem posting for over 3 times my cost even when   I have brought the cost of my mats down even lower then the market price.

As you can see here is the view of my copy of the under mine journal.

Component Parts
One Netherweave Bag, worth 8g 29s 3c, is made by Tailoring using the following components, which cost 4g 75s 60c:
4[Bolt of Netherweave]  1g 52s 58c6g 10s 32c
20[Netherweave Cloth] 21s 28c4g 25s 60c
1[Rune Thread] 50s 50s

Dec 13, 2011

Snatch Lists: day 2

I wanted to let you know about another list that I have for snatching more items for your benifit of fliping and getting the stuff really help you make more gold. My list of the day is for the BOE gear of patch 4.3 that you might not know about yet. As a word of caution I would say to check the market price of your server and to never do anything that you are not sure of.

Bladeshatter Treads
Boneshard Boots
Boots of Fungoid Growth
Kavan's Forsaken Treads
Kneebreaker Boots
Rooftop Griptoes
Sabatons of Graceful Spirit
Silver Sabatons of Fury
Splinterfoot Sandals
Bracers of Manifold Pockets
Bracers of Unrelenting Excellence
Bracers of the Black Dream
Bracers of the Spectral Wolf
Chronoboost Bracers
Dragonbelly Bracers
Flashing Bracers of Warmth
Heartcrusher Wristplates
Luminescent Bracers
Belt of Ghostly Graces
Dragoncarver Belt
Girdle of Fungal Dreams
Girdle of Soulful Mending
Nightblind Cinch
Sash of Relentless Truth
Waistguard of Bleeding Bone
Waistplate of the Desecrated Future
Bindings of the End Times
Breastplate of Despair
Courtier's Slippers
Drapes of Dragonshrine
Gauntlets of the Twilight Hour
Legion Bindings
Thorns of the Dying Day
Twilight Amulet
Waterworn Handguards

Other posts that I have on snatch lists are: 

Dec 12, 2011

Stock pileing

When to start saving. There are alot of things that you are going to be saving. There is everything from cloth to ore and all things in between. You want to have everything in the lowest form like for example you want some Greater Celestial Essence you could keep them on hand or you could keep some Carnelians on hand. that you can put with a Jewelers setting. Then you automatically have some if you have a jewel crafter and an enchanter just make a carnelian spike and DE it. but you know if you were low on some Inferno Ruby. then with some heartbloom then you can have a few. but if you need some ink for making something you can use the herbs to make pigments. so by continually buying all of these things all the time then that gives you the opertunity to craft on demand just like we talked about a few days ago.

Dec 11, 2011

Pod Casts.. Money making tips. take 2

I wanted to give a shout out to the guys over at Warcraft Lounge I have just found these guys from a comment that was left a week ago or so.  Scallywwagg was the person who told me about these guys. Wanted to let everyone out there know about these guys as a pod cast these guys are just great and they cover so much information. I also heard about Rep Grind Radio and then GrayzBDF told me about Horde for life.