Apr 2, 2011

Break time.

Hey guys and gals that are out there reading the blog. I was thinking to myself today that I am not really putting the best post out there possible. I have realized that this daily gold tip blog is very hard to put content up every day to help you out. So what I have decided to do instead is to make this blog a semi random blog. What I mean by this is that I want to give you better more in depth tips with links and screen shots to help you with things that are more focused on getting you started with just a few coin for the new guy to the veteran to be able to understand. The problem I have had was that I was trying to fit everything into one day: a blog post, blog reading, play time, running and recruiting for a guild, pod cast listening time, and all the other things that go into someones life. So I am going to start formulating ideas and then fill in all the details Before I release a post.

Apr 1, 2011


I don't really have a post today I was just so happy that I finally broke the 500k mark on my race to a million. Let me tell you a little of my story though. I was very frustrated like alot of players because I knew how to get gold and didn't want to hear it from anyone. Those guys who are farming that's how you get the gold. You go out and find something that everyone is farming for and you go for it too. Well I never broke the 5k mark. I wanted to get the traveling tundra mammoth. It cost 20k without any discounts and so I decided I really needed to get to work and focus on this. I started cruising the internet and saw alot of things that were old and just go farm this or that. There was never anything on there that I could use to really make money. Everyone says buy low sell high. I had no idea what low was and what high was nor could I tell what a demand was. Then I started Scrying. I got a few addons and followed some guides. There was nothing out there that would tell me to do this and make a million gold. What I came to realize is that yes making glyphs is very profitable it takes a ton of time and I wanted to make money faster then milling herbs for 2 hours everyday. Alot of times this was all my time to play for the day. So I learned to automate some of my tasks but still hate milling my own herbs.

Mar 30, 2011

obsidium shuffle

Hey guys since I was talking about shuffling yesterday I wanted to let you know about a shuffle that I did. I bought 44 stacks off the AH for 49g  each.  Spending 2156g on ore and 87g on Jeweler settings. Then after prospecting  I got the following:

3 Inferno Ruby - 127 each on ah = 381g
2 Ocean Sapphire - market price 8g95s cut to Rigid Ocean Sapphire 49g99s = 99g88s
2 Amber Jewel -  market price 9g91s cut to Fractured Amber Jewel 23g91s 47g82s
5 Demon Eye - 39g56s each on AH = 197g80s
5 Dream Emerald -  21g85s each on ah = 109g25s
2 Ember Topaz - 34g62s each on ah =192g
Totals auction house prices 1020g75s -[ 5% ah fees (51g3s75c) +10g68s75c posting fee*] =

38 Zephyrite cut and vendored 342g
49 Alicite cut and vendored 441g
42 Jasper cut vendored 378g
53 Hessonite cut vendored 477g
45 Night Stone added 22 jewler settings (1g50s) to make Night Stone Choker - got one night stone choker of the landslide selling for 348g39s56c and 28 hypnotic dust (10g0s29c) and 12 lesser celestial essence (19g)
37 Carnelian added 36 jeweler settings (1g50s) to make Carnelian Spikes - DE making 26 greater Celsetial essence (62g28s93c) and 5 Hypnotic Dust (10g0s29c)

Totals from enchanting materials : 2177g61s75c -[5% ah fees 108g88s08c + 71s posting fee*] = 2068g02s67c
Total for cut AH : 348g39s56c -[5% ah fees 17g41s97c + 1g65s26c posting fee* (24 hr post) ] =                  329g32s33c
Totals from vendor cuts : 1638g

total endeavor: 4994g10s50c
minus expenses 2243
Total profit 2751g10s50c

Now I know that someone will go post all their product on the AH at once so I am going to tell you flat out don't flood the market with these items instead only post a few of each on the AH this will keep prices high and the chance of having to re-post to a minimum.

*posting fees are based on a one time post only at  12 hours except where noted.

Mar 29, 2011

The next thing.. episode 2

Markets fluctuate all the time there is no reason other then demand. You can't control what people want but you can have the items for them to buy ;)  The best thing that you can do when a market is change the materials to a better market item. Lets take a look at what is known as a shuffle. We take a stack of elementium ore stack is selling for 47g so if you have this ore you can sell it for that or you can prospect it and get some gems about 6 of them that are common green gems depending on what gems you get you can cut and vendor most of them for 9g each to make 54g that's a free 7g per stack based on that alone now you  could take it farther and use those gems with jewelers settings to cut into things like carnelian spikes to disenchant to get the materials.

Mar 28, 2011


Recently I had someone ask about enchanting and so I thought I would help with some people and their gold making. There are alot of lower level greens that sell for a decent amount like 10 - 15g but the problem with this is that it cost almost 3g to post this for 48 hrs.  When your money is low it makes no sence to post these. Instead it is more worth it to disenchant it.  Most of the time there is more call for the materials and the cost to post it is usually just a silver or two. I use Enchantrix part of auctioneer suit to tell me the prices of these to show what is better to disenchant or sell the item.

Mar 27, 2011

The next thing..

I have been seeing alot of activity in markets that I have decided to take over. One of the reasons I am seeing so much activity is due to the fact that I am creating a market of something. There may be someone never posting cobalt ore and then you post 1 stack every day and it may sell it may not but I can guarantee that if you don't post that it will never sell.  Yet it seems like when ever I start to post things on the auction house for a few weeks they start selling. Now people see that cobalt is moving again and they start to farm it. BaM now you just created a new supply of ore to the market place and you made a profit opening that market. Now it is time to get out and find a new spot to put that same stuff to work in a diffrent way.


One of the most time consuming professions in the game is Archaeology, next to fishing that is. Well there is alot of money to be made in this profession. You can sell the junk items for upwards of 1k most of the junk sells for a decent profit though, between 5-20g these are the few that I have found so far. Also there is a ton of XP to be gained doing this I leveled my Death Knight doing nothing but from 80 - 84 getting from 1-525 because I am looking for the Vial of sands recipe that as an alchemist I can make. I am not really working to much of this on other characters because most of the cool gear there is all BOA any how so it doesn't really matter. There are also things called runes that sell for a pretty penny on the AH. I have seen on my server them between 100g - 1000g. The best add-on I have found to use with this is TomTom. I also like Archy when it works for me it is awesome with the tracking of each site.