Feb 13, 2012

Whole new world update 3

Hey guys and girls out there in the blogosphere it has been about a week or so since I have had a chance to post anything to you and am actually writing this post from my phone. I have been having real life. We can just leave that for now, we will get back to it later.

So here I am on this new server (name still being withheld for security reasons), and I have this guy that I recruited basicly running the guild and recruiting random people to the guild. There is only myself and this one person in the guild that are people who know what's going on in the guild.

So what have we been doing well, first off we recruit about 35 - 40 people a day and when we start to reach cap then the old people have that have been inactive will be removed but for now they might come back and help later. We are currently about 250 members. Just made the guild level 2 over the weekend. As a group Matt and I usually try to get a third person in the guild to run with us to make more guild rep to level faster. Also we split the gold that is deposited in the guild 5 ways so when we do our random then we will pay the guildie 25 g and we offer free repairs for those that need it or want it. So for the casual player who wants guild benefits and no worries about guild drama this guild will work great. We are just running this guild as a for profit organization. Everything we do in the guild is just to advance each person, now it benefits everyone but the immediate result is for the individual person.

Enough about the guild so what's going on with the money. Well it started out tough but as time goes on there is more and more coming in. It is actually a lot easier to do this for the second or 3rd time then it was to do the first time. So how have I been generating money well I took Jim's suggestion and did the daily cooking quest in storm wind (since I play alliance) then I sold the beans for about 1 g each that turns to about 40 g per day when they all sell. Second I went and started buying vendor items and flipping those on the auction house. I took up 2 gathering professions skinning and mining to help generate some funds. The problem there is with RAF we are power leveling so fast my mining is about 120 and I'm level 50ish then my skinning is also lacking. So I have been working on that a bit and posting to the AH when I get anything. Selling cooking bits and cloth that's is gathered along the way.  So with just under 2 days played time I have obtained roughly 800g 4 bank tab guild and a level 54 warlock just over 3000g worth of inventory and plenty of people to help push forward to gold capping by MOP. Well I better get to work. Break time is over.