Dec 9, 2011

Crafting - Just in time inventory.

Having materials on you to make the inventory but not crafting any items. The idea behind this is to stock up on many crafting items, when the prices seem to be on a down slide. Then you will have a ton of materials so when the market looks good on one side then shift there. When the competition is to high then since you only make items to post you can move to a market that is less saturated.

What markets do you work in and how often do you craft? How many times do you feel like you post weekly?

Dec 8, 2011

What am I doing?

I wanted to let everyone know what I have been doing since patch 4.3. Well Lets see this week on my server we have glyphs tanking in price but they are selling fast just not worth the cost of the herbs today to pick up and mill into some pigments. Gems are flying off the shelf. I can't keep enough of these in stock. This is a real good reason to have stocked up before the patch.  Enchant scrolls are doing well still and true gold is still moving slowly.

Whats going on with your server? Do you have something that is moving really well? Leave a comment.

Dec 7, 2011

Pet Plethora. Gundrak Hatchling

Well I am working on getting a regular rotation on this posting to make a valid attempt to get each week to have different post for each day like every Wednesday to feature the Pet Plethora. Well we will see how it goes from here.

Any how I wanted to feature a pet Gundrak Hatchling here today.  Ok here we go this guy is found out in  Zul'Drak you will find him by heading up to the  area of (87,24)  from here we are going to start smashing on Gundrak Raptor moving to the point of (77,43) then head towards the (71,30) and back up to (79,14) from all of the posts that I have read It looks like we have to kill between 3-500 of these guys to get the drop to come according to wow head it looks like the loot table is set to less then 1% chance to get one.  The undermine journal has the range of postings listing the price of what I could see from 5-20k each.
If you have a Skinner then you will be able to work a bit of leather on the way so if you decide to farm this then make it more worth while.

Dec 6, 2011

Snatch Lists

Hey guys just wanted to share some of the items that I have on my snatch list I mostly like to look for items that are priced good for my daily purchases it is just a random list of items that I have in my snatch list while keeping a close eye on the market for those items well here it is:

Borean Leather
Deepsea Scale
Dense Stone
Elementium Ore
Embersilk Cloth
Eternal Earth
Eternal Life
Frost Lotus
Frostweave Cloth
Greater Planar Essence
Huge Citrine
Icy Dragonscale
Netherweave Cloth
Obsidium Ore
Saronite Bar
Savage Leather
Sun Crystal
Titanium Ore
Volatile Life
Essence of Fire
Frozen Orb
Saronite Ore
Volatile Air

Do you have any items that I should look for?? Keep a look out for my other lists that include mounts, pets, recipes, vanity items, herbs, and  items that are no longer available but that you might find in some dusty storage bag on an alt some where far away. I am sad that Auctioneer is not working any more since the patch has happened and I really miss their search feature. Anyone know a search add-on that will let me search for things like below vendor price.. 

Dec 5, 2011

vendor recipe Old Hillsbrad

Hey guys and gals I want to let you know about a good spot to make some gold on something really easy to farm if you know where you are to look.So since 4.3 dropped and all I am over in the caverns of time alot more now. I was remembering the old run that I was always doing in here to pick up things that make a quick profit for little to no work.

Well I find that I like to go and do things everyonce in a while from just making gold. So I like to pick up diffrent things while I am out and about so go over to Old Hillsbrad Foothills and check these guys out for some great profit. Make sure to have big storage on a guild bank or some where tho because alot of the stuff you can get a bunch of them and just slowly post them to the ah.

Barkeep Kelly
she sells Rumsey Rum Black Label this sells for any where from 2-3g each.
She is located in the inn at (35,84)
I think that she might pace back and forth but she is always like right about the same spot every time that I stop in there.

Thomas Yance
He sells Pattern: Riding Crop this sells for between 150 - 200g
when you enter the instance He spawns at (33,88) patrols from the dock in Southshore all the way up to the Path I am not sure where he goes but just keep watching the path until you see the taren mill.

Aged Dalaran Wizard
Formula: Enchant Shield - Intellect 36-60g
when you enter the instance the wizard starts spawned about (50,31) just outside the chapel in Tarren Mill and won't move. Now if you talk to the NPC there by starting the instance and hop on the dragon then he will start patroling. If you do start the instance then he will follow the same route as Thomas Yance

Other posts I have on vendor items:  Vendor itemsVendor recipies day 2Vendor recipies day 3Vendor recipies day 4

Dec 4, 2011

Pet Plethora. Armadillo Pup

The pet armadillo is an easy pet to get. We got it as a guild by promoting the pet every day and asking the guild members to kill a few just on their way out to do what they are doing already. Keep track of the amount by using the track achievement feature in wow.  Keep motivating the guild when there are a few killed I was announcing it every 50- 100 killed making it a game to see how fast we could get the next 100 down. This is not really a god tip but it is a great way to get people involved in the guild.