Apr 25, 2012

A whole new world 4.

Just wanted to let people know what's going on. Let's see. We are up to level 5 in the guild now and that means we have a 5% bonus to the guild when someone loots we are offering 5% bonus xp and are 70% to level 6. By getting to level 6 we will have 10% xp bonus.

As for the guild and day to day activities, well first off the guild is not really being ran as a guild it ia being ran as an enterprise. I log in every day or 3 and just use my guild invite add-on. Then we usually get 4-6 people and then I log out. The access I give the guild is they have repairs and access to a few bank tabs. From there they do what they want and we just roll over more people next week. On average I would say we gain 10 people per week and lose 7 so we keep moving forward. I am trying to maintain that this guild is not being ran by me but rather being ran by the members of the guild to their own needs.

To give you a recap of the money situation currently have just under 2k personally and the guild is at about 2200 of the 2500 they need to get the next tab. The guild seems to be leveling a lot slower now since me and my comrade are not actively leveling characters on that server. He has decided to do some pvp for a bit and I have been focusing on my main to be raid ready.

On a side note, have you ever been playing with someone that is constantly telling you that you need to get (what ever they are doing) so you can (do what ever it is) and then when you get geared enough then they don't want to do that any more.