Jan 9, 2012

Gold automating.

<p>The was a post that I read recently and wanted to put my own bit of information. This post was talking about the fact that people don't have any money, nothing is just going to POP up and balm you have a ton of gold. The best way that I have found was with the help of a few add-ons. There are 3 types of people when it comes to add-ons. The fist type of person is the one who refuses to use an addon they, have something in their brain that says no add-ons. I am not talking to these people. The second group is the people who are willing to learn about the addons. These are the primary group that I am looking to talk to. The third set of people are the people who installed some add-ons and then gets angry because they don't know or want to learn. This person does not understand the advantage of the one time configuration might take 5, minutes to set up but the time that is saved is going to add up to a lot more time. Let me show group 2 what I mean and how it will be so easy. Ok first you have to install 4 addons 1. Item auditor. 2. Trade skill master. 3. Postal. 4. Bank stack With all of these addons installed it takes me less then 10 minutes to log into 3 different characters and post. The most time spent is unloading my mail box.

First thing I do is log in to my banker and post. Then I go to the bank, swap bags and sit at the mailbox for the mail dump. Using bank stack I can hit the bank, dump and then back to filling my bags. Once my bags are full again I dump to the bank again and post anything left in my bags. (These items are usually just things like flipped gear or stacks of stock that I need to profit from or use.items