Dec 27, 2011

help my addon is broken. Item auditor.

There is an addon called Item auditor that I have been using for a while. I am really looking to get another addon that is more up to date. The addon is really great on how it works. It takes the price of an item lets say some elementium ore you bought off the auction house for 5g81s each then it will add the price of 2 ore together when you smelt a bar and give you a bar price of 11g62s each. Then you need to get some Pyrite Ore off the auction house for the price of 14g44s then after smelting those you have a price of 28g88s for those bars and then you purchase the Volatile Earth from the auction house for a price of 5g65s each. After you find that you have all the materials bought for making an Ebonsteel Belt Buckle with the addon it will tell you what you have invested into the buckles  so for this example you would see Ebonsteel Belt Buckle has a price of 4(11g62s + 28g88s + 5g65s) for a price of 184g60s. This is all done based on the addon for you automatically to always know what the price of materials you have put into something. With TSM it works well with this set as a fallback price of 130% and then I set the thresh hold for a nice market price so for this example i see from tuj that the price of buckles on my server are 315g79s  I usually set my price to about 400g so that as long as someone else is posting them for under 400g i will post that same price minus my undercut but I will never get to a point to selling them for less then 239g98s so that I will always make a profit of some kind but then I don't have to keep track of all the prices of my invested prices. 

So the whole thing that I am saying here is that if know of another addon that will do this then let me know since it seems as though the author of this addon had abandoned this project. Also if anyone knows how to make this one work fully again then let me know how to patch it or re-release the addon as something new. I would love to be able to code this my self but I haven't coded in so long it would be a project for me just to learn the code. If no one else will step forward then I guess that's the way it will go just hoping someone had an easier idea. 

Markets of the week.

I would like to start a new section on the blog that will be talking about market of the week. Now I know there are those tried and true markets that just work. See there are glyphs pets enchantments gems scopes belt buckles and bags but I want to really focus on the niche markets the ones that are small but have powerful returns.

My recent hot streak is the mysterious fortune card I have had over 400 of these selling for me and just can't seem to keep them on the shelf. I post them for just under 20g each and I post about 80 of them at a time. There are never hardly any returns on the cards and I make sure to bark them 4-5x while I am on my banker.

Dec 22, 2011

A whole new world.

Recently I heard about something called a gold rush. The idea behind this is to start a new character on a realm that you have no other characters on the realm. So what I have decided to do is start a character on a new realm. There was something about someone making this a contest. What I have decided to do on this was to play this new realm and post how my progress goes to make it to a million again.

This is going to be a whole new world basically because I am gong to be doing it with out any profession, level or even any guild members help. The only advantage I am going to have here is the knowledge that I have from the other servers that I have played on. Over my characters I have played on many servers and many different characters on my main server though I have the one of each class characters. I have them all from each of the different races.

On my new server I am gong to be testing both factions of the new server. Also I want to take this time to apologize to you the other gold makers of the server that I am going to. I am not going to name the server at this time just to protect my self in going to a new server.

I would like to know what tips you have to help me get there that I might have forgotten about. Also any other comments are welcome as well.

Dec 16, 2011

Break time..

I have very little time right now for wow with work picking up and going so quickly. I am going to be taking a little bit of time off from the blog. I am currently thinking of changing the format of the blog and see to new content. I have so many ideas and things that I want to be able to share with you all but am currently working alot but after the holiday season <western new year> then I will start to post again. I am currently working on more content but have been having posts being rushed and then I don't like the format that it is presented in, so I am going to keep working on posting to the blog and then work on having it more polished i will still be tweeting when I have new tips and tricks and posting the full break down at the blog.

Dec 15, 2011

Netherweave Bags again.

Just wanted to let you know about Netherweave Bags again. I was showing my girlfriend how to use the undermine journal and looked up the bag to show her what I had going on there. I posted this a while back that you could get a good deal on them and I have been posting these for a while for anywhere from 10-35g and the amazing thing is that I see my bags selling for 30g all the time when there are many on the ah for under 15g each. I have no idea why they buy mine other then the fact that the buyer is just buying the first item that they see. As an entrepreneur I have no problem posting for over 3 times my cost even when   I have brought the cost of my mats down even lower then the market price.

As you can see here is the view of my copy of the under mine journal.

Component Parts
One Netherweave Bag, worth 8g 29s 3c, is made by Tailoring using the following components, which cost 4g 75s 60c:
4[Bolt of Netherweave]  1g 52s 58c6g 10s 32c
20[Netherweave Cloth] 21s 28c4g 25s 60c
1[Rune Thread] 50s 50s

Dec 13, 2011

Snatch Lists: day 2

I wanted to let you know about another list that I have for snatching more items for your benifit of fliping and getting the stuff really help you make more gold. My list of the day is for the BOE gear of patch 4.3 that you might not know about yet. As a word of caution I would say to check the market price of your server and to never do anything that you are not sure of.

Bladeshatter Treads
Boneshard Boots
Boots of Fungoid Growth
Kavan's Forsaken Treads
Kneebreaker Boots
Rooftop Griptoes
Sabatons of Graceful Spirit
Silver Sabatons of Fury
Splinterfoot Sandals
Bracers of Manifold Pockets
Bracers of Unrelenting Excellence
Bracers of the Black Dream
Bracers of the Spectral Wolf
Chronoboost Bracers
Dragonbelly Bracers
Flashing Bracers of Warmth
Heartcrusher Wristplates
Luminescent Bracers
Belt of Ghostly Graces
Dragoncarver Belt
Girdle of Fungal Dreams
Girdle of Soulful Mending
Nightblind Cinch
Sash of Relentless Truth
Waistguard of Bleeding Bone
Waistplate of the Desecrated Future
Bindings of the End Times
Breastplate of Despair
Courtier's Slippers
Drapes of Dragonshrine
Gauntlets of the Twilight Hour
Legion Bindings
Thorns of the Dying Day
Twilight Amulet
Waterworn Handguards

Other posts that I have on snatch lists are: 

Dec 12, 2011

Stock pileing

When to start saving. There are alot of things that you are going to be saving. There is everything from cloth to ore and all things in between. You want to have everything in the lowest form like for example you want some Greater Celestial Essence you could keep them on hand or you could keep some Carnelians on hand. that you can put with a Jewelers setting. Then you automatically have some if you have a jewel crafter and an enchanter just make a carnelian spike and DE it. but you know if you were low on some Inferno Ruby. then with some heartbloom then you can have a few. but if you need some ink for making something you can use the herbs to make pigments. so by continually buying all of these things all the time then that gives you the opertunity to craft on demand just like we talked about a few days ago.

Dec 11, 2011

Pod Casts.. Money making tips. take 2

I wanted to give a shout out to the guys over at Warcraft Lounge I have just found these guys from a comment that was left a week ago or so.  Scallywwagg was the person who told me about these guys. Wanted to let everyone out there know about these guys as a pod cast these guys are just great and they cover so much information. I also heard about Rep Grind Radio and then GrayzBDF told me about Horde for life. 

Dec 9, 2011

Crafting - Just in time inventory.

Having materials on you to make the inventory but not crafting any items. The idea behind this is to stock up on many crafting items, when the prices seem to be on a down slide. Then you will have a ton of materials so when the market looks good on one side then shift there. When the competition is to high then since you only make items to post you can move to a market that is less saturated.

What markets do you work in and how often do you craft? How many times do you feel like you post weekly?

Dec 8, 2011

What am I doing?

I wanted to let everyone know what I have been doing since patch 4.3. Well Lets see this week on my server we have glyphs tanking in price but they are selling fast just not worth the cost of the herbs today to pick up and mill into some pigments. Gems are flying off the shelf. I can't keep enough of these in stock. This is a real good reason to have stocked up before the patch.  Enchant scrolls are doing well still and true gold is still moving slowly.

Whats going on with your server? Do you have something that is moving really well? Leave a comment.

Dec 7, 2011

Pet Plethora. Gundrak Hatchling

Well I am working on getting a regular rotation on this posting to make a valid attempt to get each week to have different post for each day like every Wednesday to feature the Pet Plethora. Well we will see how it goes from here.

Any how I wanted to feature a pet Gundrak Hatchling here today.  Ok here we go this guy is found out in  Zul'Drak you will find him by heading up to the  area of (87,24)  from here we are going to start smashing on Gundrak Raptor moving to the point of (77,43) then head towards the (71,30) and back up to (79,14) from all of the posts that I have read It looks like we have to kill between 3-500 of these guys to get the drop to come according to wow head it looks like the loot table is set to less then 1% chance to get one.  The undermine journal has the range of postings listing the price of what I could see from 5-20k each.
If you have a Skinner then you will be able to work a bit of leather on the way so if you decide to farm this then make it more worth while.

Dec 6, 2011

Snatch Lists

Hey guys just wanted to share some of the items that I have on my snatch list I mostly like to look for items that are priced good for my daily purchases it is just a random list of items that I have in my snatch list while keeping a close eye on the market for those items well here it is:

Borean Leather
Deepsea Scale
Dense Stone
Elementium Ore
Embersilk Cloth
Eternal Earth
Eternal Life
Frost Lotus
Frostweave Cloth
Greater Planar Essence
Huge Citrine
Icy Dragonscale
Netherweave Cloth
Obsidium Ore
Saronite Bar
Savage Leather
Sun Crystal
Titanium Ore
Volatile Life
Essence of Fire
Frozen Orb
Saronite Ore
Volatile Air

Do you have any items that I should look for?? Keep a look out for my other lists that include mounts, pets, recipes, vanity items, herbs, and  items that are no longer available but that you might find in some dusty storage bag on an alt some where far away. I am sad that Auctioneer is not working any more since the patch has happened and I really miss their search feature. Anyone know a search add-on that will let me search for things like below vendor price.. 

Dec 5, 2011

vendor recipe Old Hillsbrad

Hey guys and gals I want to let you know about a good spot to make some gold on something really easy to farm if you know where you are to look.So since 4.3 dropped and all I am over in the caverns of time alot more now. I was remembering the old run that I was always doing in here to pick up things that make a quick profit for little to no work.

Well I find that I like to go and do things everyonce in a while from just making gold. So I like to pick up diffrent things while I am out and about so go over to Old Hillsbrad Foothills and check these guys out for some great profit. Make sure to have big storage on a guild bank or some where tho because alot of the stuff you can get a bunch of them and just slowly post them to the ah.

Barkeep Kelly
she sells Rumsey Rum Black Label this sells for any where from 2-3g each.
She is located in the inn at (35,84)
I think that she might pace back and forth but she is always like right about the same spot every time that I stop in there.

Thomas Yance
He sells Pattern: Riding Crop this sells for between 150 - 200g
when you enter the instance He spawns at (33,88) patrols from the dock in Southshore all the way up to the Path I am not sure where he goes but just keep watching the path until you see the taren mill.

Aged Dalaran Wizard
Formula: Enchant Shield - Intellect 36-60g
when you enter the instance the wizard starts spawned about (50,31) just outside the chapel in Tarren Mill and won't move. Now if you talk to the NPC there by starting the instance and hop on the dragon then he will start patroling. If you do start the instance then he will follow the same route as Thomas Yance

Other posts I have on vendor items:  Vendor itemsVendor recipies day 2Vendor recipies day 3Vendor recipies day 4

Dec 4, 2011

Pet Plethora. Armadillo Pup

The pet armadillo is an easy pet to get. We got it as a guild by promoting the pet every day and asking the guild members to kill a few just on their way out to do what they are doing already. Keep track of the amount by using the track achievement feature in wow.  Keep motivating the guild when there are a few killed I was announcing it every 50- 100 killed making it a game to see how fast we could get the next 100 down. This is not really a god tip but it is a great way to get people involved in the guild.

Dec 3, 2011

The Undermine Journal - review.

Hey blog viewers I wanted to let you know about a great site that I use from time to time. The site is great as you can look at data from all the different auction houses of so many different servers.  You can see graphs and charts that let you know what the price of things are on your server. This also lets you see what you can plan on buying items for low prices and when to get them.   The site  lets you know when someone has posted on the auction house, so with this site you can sit there and watch all of your competition. See when someone undercuts your banker or even when a deal comes up lets you know when it hits the auction house. You can look for items and see what markets are not even being posted to so that you can look into posting to those markets to get a bigger net going out to cover more items. The site also has a feature page of hot deals that are on your server now and are priced to flip. With just that page alone you are almost guaranteed profits, but I must say that you should always look with caution because someone maybe posting to inflate the price of the item for a while to screw with the data. The Undermine Journal has an add-on that works great for getting some information to populate your add-on with current prices.

Dec 2, 2011

Pod Casts.. Money making tips.

Today I am sitting here listening to a new pod cast and wanted to let you know about the pod casts that I was listening to:

the Mana Cooler - A world of warcraft mini-podcast. This show is really just what it says maybe sometimes as short as 20 minutes and sometimes as long as 45 minutes.

Power word gold- A frequent pod cast that talks about gold and what is going on with the economy.The host here seems to be a great guy who has regular co hosts.

The instance -  hosted by Scot Johnson,  Dills, and  Turpster. This pod cast is great quality and very professional in their account of what is going on with the World of Warcraft.

auction house junkies - Hosted by Cold and Wes. This is a gold making focused podcast that is semi often but full of great tips.

raid warning - A crew far from sober Hosted by Seven. This team focuses a lot on all of the great things of wow and of course they have a review of all kinds of adult beverages.

I use to listen to other podcasts but they have all died out. If there is a podcast that you listen to or are part of then I would love to check it out so leave a comment.

Dec 1, 2011

Pet Plethora. Fox Kit

Hey guys back with a new pet to look at this week trying to point you to all those pets that you might want to have but didn't know where to look. So I wanted to feature  the little guy Fox Kit. I was over in Tol Barad Peninsula trying to farm this for about 2 hours with no luck. From all the number crunching I have been doing with all of the comments posted to different forums it takes about 5 hours of farming and once you have killed about a thousand of them.  I also wanted to point out that there are critters in the area called Fox Kit these little guys are just critters so they don't count., Make sure that you are looking for the 16 Baradin Foxes. The Baradin Fox is averaging levels of 83-84 so as an 85 it should not be to hard to pick them off. As a Protection Paladin I was able to kill 185 of them in the time I was there.  Here is the route that seems to have the least back tracking you can take to get them.

Nov 30, 2011

milling prospecting disenchanting and doing it all at the same time

First before I get into the post of the day I have to warn you that the post of the day could be used in a bad way that would be against Blizzards TOS. The system I have here has been designed by me to be monitored and used on a very real 1:1 (keystroke:action) Be warned and stay safe. As Blizzard says if you are not sure please don't do it.

Today I would like to tell you about a post that I found over at the Consortium forums that is talking about a very nice way to get alot of stuff done in the crafting off times you can't really do anything. This mod works like a keyboard clone just the same as a multi-boxer would do. I have currently tested this on 3 different accounts that I had access to at the time. Now please understand that I am using the addon panda that you can get from curse. I also must warn you that you will destroy all the dis-enchant items in your bags so be sure to store those in your bank before doing this. I also like to use a mail opener addon and an auto mail send so that when the characters are done then they send the products back to their bankers. You will have to configure your addon.

 I found that using the macro /mass mill or what ever your character of choice is doing makes the various items easy. So make sure you can automate this with each character before trying to do it with all of them at the same time.  Then I set the macro to the 1 key and have a test if it mills my herbs. Use an addon like bank stack to make sure that all your bags are stacked up full and in even stacks. 
Then go to the next character and set it the same.

Nov 29, 2011

Ink Sales.

Ink sales from inscription is a great way to pick up a bit of gold. There are many inks missing on the auction house.  The best inks that I see to make/flip to the Lion's Ink, Ethereal Ink, and Ink of Sea. To make these inks make sure to put  in your snatch list the folloing herbs:

Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot,Felweed, Ragveil,Terocone, Ancient Lichen, Nightmare Vine, Netherbloom, Mana Thistle, Dreaming Glory,Icethorn, Lichbloom, Fire Leaf, Fire Seed, Tiger Lily, Adder's Tongue, Deadnettle, Goldclover, Talandra's Rose

According to the undermine journal  One Lion's Ink, worth 7g 50s, The Golden Pigment accordingly sells for just about 10s each and even to use 2 of these you have a cost of invested into the ink of only 20s plus the time and energy (what ever you value your time at) that you put into the ink. So There for you should see a potential profit from this of 7g 30 silver. Then of course you have the AH cut of 15% and the posting fee but even still you are looking at a great return on investment from this.  This same strategy can be used over and over on the Auction house and I will show you more how to do this. I just saw over at Markets for gold he was talking about something similar so check his post out too. 

Nov 28, 2011

Inscription. Guide.

Hey readers I wanted to let you know about a great guide that I found for getting that gold cap with only a crazy amount of work and dedication. You can see Croda's Inscription Gold Guide be sure to let him know that you like the guide so that we can keep seeing great content like that.

Nov 27, 2011

how to get to the gold cap in 5 easy steps

OK so really there is not any kind of post that anyone could do in any amount of time that would be effectively at telling you how to make any ridiculous amount of gold in just 5 easy steps. The easiest way to tell this would be to say
1. log in wow
2. post a ton of items on the ah at ridiculous prices.
3. check your mailbox
4. re post any expired auction
5. you are now a millionaire.

Now really I wanted to let you know that the bulk of the people I know who make wow gold do so with what we call micro-transactions. What this means is selling a lot of things that you make a small profit on many items. The idea behind this is that even if you are undercut in one thing you will still be able to sell in a lot of different markets. So the biggest thing you have to worry about is making sure to always have your items posted each day or time you can log in.

I personally have 3 different bankers let me introduce you to them:
this is a banker that holds the majority of my glyphs
this banker holds my gems and enchants
this banker holds all my materials and odd things that don't go to my other bankers.

With the various toons holding different things first it makes it easier to log in for a moment to a character and click the mail box and dump to my characters bags. Then go to the ah post go to the mail box and log the next toon.
The whole rotation for me takes about 30 minutes total. I use this method for when I just have a few minutes to log real quick and don't have time to go to all my toons.

Nov 26, 2011

Wow gold tips..

Hey guys something a bit different here for you today,I found this video and thought to share it with you, to help some of you guys out there to get some ore. The Speaker clames to make 370g in 10 minutes. Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

I am thinking of making this a regular feature of the blog to add videos both my own and those of others that I feel are good to share with the community.

Nov 25, 2011

Pet Plethora. Dark Phoenix Hatchling

This Pet here is one of the pets that are really easy or really hard depending on how you want to look at it. You have to be part of a guild. The guild has to have 55 (different) Exalted factions. The characters who will help this count must be revered with the guild. You obtain him from the Guild Vendors.

Nov 24, 2011

Pet Plethora. Clockwork Gnome

Whats up blog readers? Today I wanted to let you know about the pet called Clockwork Gnome. This little guy comes from the skill Archaeology. One of the rare tier items in Dwarf Archaeology. 
Requires 100 Dwarf Archaeology Fragments. This one has 3 slots for Dwarf Rune Stone So I would be focusing on the dwarf content of the Eastern kingdoms. It took about 300 different finds on average from the data I collected trying to find this pet.

Nov 23, 2011

Pet Plethora. Mr. Grubbs.

In Eastern Plaguelands there is an NPC Fiona [9,66]. She has 2 Quests That you are going to have to do. Once you do the both of them they will lead you to her again they are a total of about 6 quests. You will have to do them until the carriage has a blue question mark. When this happens you will get to choose the buff "Fiona's Lucky Charm", blue rabbit's foot icon. I Continued on the quest line so that I could work toward's the Achivement of doing Fiona's whole chain. After getting her to the second tower I had looted enough  Hidden Stash items from mobs. 

When you open enough of them you will have Mr. Grubbs. The Hidden stash and the Mr Grubbs are both BOP so dont bother trying to farm more of the bags for pets but at 85 I found it was easy enough to do the quests and keep getting extra few silver to do the zone questing and working on more achivements. Due to the buff timer lacking I belive that you can continue to get a bit of bonus as you keep the buff up.

Nov 22, 2011

Pet Plethora. Tiny Emerald whelp

Hey there just keeping track of how long it is taking me to get this Tiny Emerald whelp. So far i have  1:06:00 farming killing 130 Noxious Whelps with no luck. the location I was farming was only in northern feralace I am sure there are other places that I could get this same pet to drop but this place looked like it had the best drop rate that's why i choose it. I know there is going to be someone out there who is going to say something like well over at [fill in your own place] I killed [some low number of mobs] and got it on like the [low number relative to the first number]. The problem is tho that I work on the RNG and well some days it just doesn't like me.  I don't know why but if i withdraw more then about 5k from my mailboxes then the RNG hates me but if it was a bad day on the AH then the RNG loves me.

Nov 20, 2011

Pet Plethora. Deviote hatchling

This pet is found in the Wailing Cavern. 11-15-11. This pet drops off of the raptors that are at the beginning of the instance. There are about 30 of them.  When you go in the raptors are only in the starting area of the instance and there for it will take a person of 85 about 3-4 minutes to grab agro on the first mob and then run around to the mid way point and jump off then run to the other side and there all the mobs will be on you or you can have them all with you to do the full circle of them in one single go. Took me right in the area of about 6 minutes and then another bit of time to loot all the bodies.

Nov 19, 2011

Pet Plethora. Dark Whelpling

25.62 , 65.56 total loots 95 time farming 36:14 says to have about a 9.1% drop rate here in the whelpling downs area

I was scanning the Auction house today and saw this pet there for about 10k and thought to my self there is a pet that I don't have let me see what I can find. Looking up everything online taking for ever so I found that there is a spawn point for whelps over in Wetlands and that was cool I was over there for about 10 minutes running around and killed about 30 whelps not finding anything I thought I would do better over in The burning steppes going over there for about 15 minutes I was killing the whelps so fast that they were spawning over the corpse of their previous whelpling that I had just killed. The approximate area was in the south west corner of the steppes.

Nov 17, 2011

Pet Plethora. Parrot Cages

The pet of the day Parrot Cage (Cockatiel) you can find this pet along with the Parrot Cage (Senegal) Both selling for about 40s each depending on your reputation with the goblins. Both of these pets are Bind on use so pick up a few extra and sell them on the faction Auction house for about 3g each nice little profit of 2g after all the expenses and there is a pattern here too that is a limited supply item that sells for about 7g50s on the faction Auction house. Where can I get all of these great things from Josh?? Well you should head down to Bootybay and go talk to Narkk he can be found in the building at the cords of [42.73 , 69.20] I will be back in a few with more pets that you can get. I am trying to keep them all just as easy to get as possible and with working on this oracle rep still it is taking a while to get more pets that are longer process so you will still get on average 1 new pet per day.

Nov 16, 2011

Pet Plethora. Ghostly Skull

Todays pet of the day is going to be the Ghostly Skull. You can find this from the vendor in Dalaran too. This one is in the sewers though. His name is Darahir. He is standing at the spot  [63.55 ,16.00]. Just walk around dalaran sewers if you are looking for him. You will find that he will sell unlimited amounts of these Skulls but do not buy more then one. These are Bind on Pickup so you can't sell them or give them to your mates.

Nov 14, 2011

Pet Plethora. Calico Cat, Albino Snake, and Obsidian Hatching

Today I want to let you all know about the girl in dalaran that you can get some pets from.The girl who sells these pets name Breanni her location is [58.68 ,39.44] She is just to the North West of the flight plan  I am in the process of working on a big rep run write up to get more pets so the great pet she is going to give you are the (Calico Cat) (Albino Snake) and (Obsidian Hatching) all of these pets are just under 50g. Now you have a few more pets to get and I will see you Guys in a few more days.

Nov 13, 2011

Pet Plethora. Mysterious egg

holy crap I am so sorry guys I was meaning to get this information posted last night but I fell asleep and didn't get anything posted to you sorry about that. I was going to tell you that you need to get reputation with different factions to get pets that are out and about. Today I wanted to let you know that there is a faction in Scholazar basin, well actually there are 2 of them and you have to decide what faction you would like to be. For pet sakes we are only going to look at the oracles that we would get the exaulted status to be able to buy the Mysterious egg from the quarter master..

the quartermaster name is Geen.

How to get to the proper reputation with the faction well I am not sure where you are as for reputation but it starts out like this:
First you have to fly to Scholazar Basin, then you have to do some quests for the Frenzyheart Tribe then after you follow the quest chain far enough it takes you to the twist in the story and then you have to do a quest that you have to work for the oracles and be hated with the frenzyheart. The first quest is found at the spot [50.5 , 77.1] Then you just have to do the quests that follow and then get to the point that you do the quest Just following orders. Go to the point of [55.7 , 64.9] and then you have gotten to the oracle rep and now you can work on your reputation.

Quick note of intrest: I thought I was going to get to have a loop hole in the rep grind and well it turns out that will not work out. What I was trying to do was to get rep with the Oracles then go and swap factions to get rep with the wolvar then the next day to do the wolvar quests and then go back to the oracles but this doesn't work. My reputation with the wolvar today after i got done doing the daily's was 10,688 and then when I swapped factions it was 7,485 and with the daily's of the Oracles i was back down to 9,459

Nov 11, 2011

Pet Plethora. Leaping Hatchling

Going to get the Leaping Hatchling today. This is one of the other raptor companions that we will be tracking now he is found in the barrens I found that the spawn points of Takk's Nest [60.0 19.8] [62.8 20.2] [64.1 23.0] [65.0 28.7]

Nov 10, 2011

Pet Plethora. Darting Hatchling

 Today I went for work to get the Darting Hatchling. This is just a free pet sitting out there. First Step get a friend to port you to thereanmore isel. then fly north to 48.0 14.2 then go to 49.2 17.5 make sure to check out 47.9 19.0 and lastly check out 46.6 17.1 When I went there I looked around and found it in the first run.

Nov 9, 2011

Pet Plethora. Withers

Well folks for todays pet we are going over to  Darkshore, where we will get the pet Withers. We will be doing a quest here called
Remembrance of Auberdine this quest is going to start with Cerellean Whiteclaw he can be found over near the Inn .. Now when you get there if you have not done any questing since 4.0.3 then you will not have the quest chain done.

We will need to start the quest chain from Dentaria Silverglade. she will be right on the flight path when you land here. She is going to share the following quest with you [The Last Wave of Survivors].

from there you will have to do the following quests as they appear here
[The Last Wave of Survivors]---[Threat from the Water]
      [The Boon of the Seas]---[Buzzbox 413]
                               [No Accounting for Taste]
                               [Buzzbox 723]
              [A Cure in the Dark]---[The Corruption's Source]
                          [A Lost Companion]
     [Unsavory Remedies]---[Twice Removed]---[Ritual Materials]
                                             [The Ritual Bond]
                                 [Grimclaw's Return]---[The Shatterspear Invaders]
                         [Remnants of the Highborne]---[Shatterspear Laborers]
                                  [Denying Manpower]---[War Supplies]
                                      [On the Brink]---[Strategic Strikes]
                                             [The Front Line]
                                           [Ending the Threat]
                          (make sure to loot the body to get the next part)
                                         [Disturbing Connections]
                                        [Remembrance of Auberdine]

Pet Plethora.

Recently I have heard that there is going to be alot of new content with wow 5.0 what ever it will be called. Any way I am going to be doing a new quest for my self. To make all the pets along the way to getting more gold. I have decided that I am going to have a new pet everyday. What this will entail will be grinding / questing each day for a short amount of time.We will be picking up pets from vendors the auction house, crafting and farming some to sell too. Some of the pets we are getting will be Bind on pick up and will be farming other things at the same time we grind towards the goal of all the pets.  I am going to try to cover zones and materials along the way that you will be farming while you go stalking that newest pet. So for the plan of this adventure it will be a regularly published post, being daily or at least weekly.

Oct 11, 2011


The metgneers chopper seems to be a big hit every time I see one it is sold before the end of the day it seems. These have a vendor value purchase of about 11.5k in addition to the titanium steel and arctic fur that is to be used. These mounts are great because they are 2 person mounts, it counts for an achievement and it counts towards the 25 50 and 100 mounts achievement (if there are other achievements that i missed then it will count for those too) The mount usually sells for about 17.5k on my server so check your server for the best selling price.  I personally have a guy who sells me these for right at 14k and that is a sweet 3.5k profit just to use my silver to post an item that I know will sell as fast as I can get them. This is because the seller wants to make a quick sell. He is getting a profit of about 3-600g and I on the other hand have enough money to get the great deals.

Oct 4, 2011

The Demographic of wow.

The people who affect the market for goods the most are people who use their professions for a profit. While there are always casual crafters,It is estimated that well over half of the supply for crafted goods comes from people who use addons and have multiple characters with multiple professions. Their activity is the supply half of the supply/demand relationship, and the requirement for them to level their enchanters, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, and tailors to 84 in order to unlock a large portion of their trade skill means that there is going to be fewer serious crafters meaning less supply, means higher prices.
This is certainly nice for those who lucked out and had their main (who probably would have been leveled anyways) already possessing one or two of these professions. These people have much less competition than they would otherwise have had. Unfortunately, however, it means that the consumers of these crafted goods pay much higher profit margins to these crafters.

Oct 3, 2011

True Gold

I have seen a dip this week in the production of true gold. so if you have an alchemist then now would be the time to post some. The materials are usually very cheap.

Sep 16, 2011

how do you get things so cheap?? Looking at things in the big picture.

I have recently been asked by guild members how do you get things so cheap... Well this is due to alot of economy issues that you have to take into account.  There are alot of ways that I can obtain things cheap for one I buy a bulk amount of things from people who want to offload really fast. Recently I connected with a person who wanted to give me a shipment of 200 stacks of ore ( 12kg). Now the market price at the time was over 4g so I went and got them for 3g each saving me over 4,000 gold like that. Now additionally I had the opportunity to post 10 stacks of these to the AH later at a premium price.  Selling stacks for 4.5g each or 90g per stack.  minus the ah cut  4g50s and 2g40s per stack  giving a price of  83g10s  4.15.5 each 831g total for 10 stacks giving a new amount of 190 stacks for a new price of 2g93s91c each this is only with 10 stacks tho you have to understand. Now by selling 100 more stacks at 80g a stack minus the ah cut of 6g9s (73.1g) for a new amount of 90 stacks costing 3858g.59s or 2g14s each.  So by selling all of these others off I have basicly gotten my prices down to less then half the market prices.

Sep 9, 2011


Economy there are many ways that gold enters the economy the diffrent ways that I have found this to happen are as follows:  from daily's, NPC drops, NPC vendors and Cash Flow (the guild perk).

Gold leaves the economy by: NPCs for, repairs, AH fees and cuts. NPC vendors for mounts, gear, training, reforging, and soon transmorgify and void storage...

Now that we understand this we know that all other money in the game is just from trading it never really goes any where. What this means to the everyday Joe is that with the lowest level of thought you can make gold doing dailys vendoring junk and looting everything you can find.

What I want to have people think about is all the things that you have done and all the places you have spent money and go ahead and try to find some way to get others to give you their hard earned gold willingly.

Sep 8, 2011

Tips of the week..

Hey guys and gals, well it has been a while since I have posted to the blog. I have come here to tell you that I do still exist. I was having alot of personal stuff going on in my life and in the guild. As for the guild you ask we are doing great we are all the way up to level 14 now.

The first thing i want to do is talk about the new patch coming out. I have not heard a ton of information about the new patch just that it is to be the release of the epic gems. So what  have speculated and don't follow this advice if you don't want to but I believe that pyrium ore will prospect the new gems and I also feel like the Fire Prism will be making the epic gems as well. So what I am doing is saving all my ore that I have and stock piling what i find and then I am also making my Prism daily and to get around the fact that you cant have more then one at a time i just make it and send it to my alt banker to store it in the guild bank.

More to come soonish...

Jul 17, 2011

Blogs Forums and such.

Recently I have been told by not sure if it was one or two people. I am not sure what exactly the situation but I am going to go ahead and put it out here. Someone by the name of ponzischeme has told me that someone was posting on some Forum that I was a bot and that I was some sort of gold farmer. I am not sure about this I just know that apparently I am doing a great job at owning the AH on my server. I have been asked if I was doing something like being on all day and night over and over. I have tried many times to let people know that I was just like them except that I was on at the same time as they were giving the appearance that I was on all the time. Well I have an Idea about something else I am going to try to bring to the site.

Jul 6, 2011

Vendor recipies day 4

Here is a new recipe that you may have forgotten about that sells well on the auction house Schematic: adamantite scope this is 6g from Daggie Ironshaper in Wildhammer strong hold in Shadowmoon Vally. he is at the coordinates 36.85,54.40 on my server it sells about 2-3x a week and goes for about 53g

Vendor recipies day 3

Today I want to tell you about the girl in Storm wind. Her name is Alexandra Bolero, she is in the mage Quarter. She sells 2 limited quantity recipes:
Pattern: Blue Overalls    vendor price: 4s  auction house 2g50s
Pattern: White Wedding Dress  vendor price: 1g auction house 8g-14g

These are just a few that are really easy money another vendor in the area is Maria Lumere she sells herbs usually about 4 different ones these are all less then a silver and can be sold for 2-3x their regular prices

Jul 5, 2011

Vendor recipies day 2

Since I play a Dwarf  banker I made my character and ran her from the starting area to Iron Forge the only xp she got was from quests that are available to do in Iron Forge she is currently Level 5 with only 47 days of game play. Well enough about her. I want you to know about the recipes that are out for you to make money off of. Outfitter Eric has some good recipes that you can get: for less then 50s each  these sell for about 8g each and are right here where My banker sits all the time so why not get em. Here are the recipes that I get and approximately how many times a week i sell them for:
Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt,  4x a week
Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt,  ( I don't  usually buy these because they don't move very quick)
Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket,  4-5x a week
Pattern: Tuxedo Pants,  4x a week
Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt 6x a week

so for less then 2g you can get about 30g selling these limited quantity items

Jul 4, 2011

Vendor recipies

Over the next few posts I would like to go over vendor recipes and how you can use them in your sales of the auction house. The one I am currently looking at is the Herbalist's Gloves pattern you buy this off of Harlown Darkweave in Ashenvale.The cost of the recipe is only 18s but i have been selling these at a rate of 3-4 a week for about 25g.  His location is about (18,60). There is a quest chain you have to do to get this vendor to be interactive the quest is called in a bind. this is from Boylun.   

Apr 2, 2011

Break time.

Hey guys and gals that are out there reading the blog. I was thinking to myself today that I am not really putting the best post out there possible. I have realized that this daily gold tip blog is very hard to put content up every day to help you out. So what I have decided to do instead is to make this blog a semi random blog. What I mean by this is that I want to give you better more in depth tips with links and screen shots to help you with things that are more focused on getting you started with just a few coin for the new guy to the veteran to be able to understand. The problem I have had was that I was trying to fit everything into one day: a blog post, blog reading, play time, running and recruiting for a guild, pod cast listening time, and all the other things that go into someones life. So I am going to start formulating ideas and then fill in all the details Before I release a post.

Apr 1, 2011


I don't really have a post today I was just so happy that I finally broke the 500k mark on my race to a million. Let me tell you a little of my story though. I was very frustrated like alot of players because I knew how to get gold and didn't want to hear it from anyone. Those guys who are farming that's how you get the gold. You go out and find something that everyone is farming for and you go for it too. Well I never broke the 5k mark. I wanted to get the traveling tundra mammoth. It cost 20k without any discounts and so I decided I really needed to get to work and focus on this. I started cruising the internet and saw alot of things that were old and just go farm this or that. There was never anything on there that I could use to really make money. Everyone says buy low sell high. I had no idea what low was and what high was nor could I tell what a demand was. Then I started Scrying. I got a few addons and followed some guides. There was nothing out there that would tell me to do this and make a million gold. What I came to realize is that yes making glyphs is very profitable it takes a ton of time and I wanted to make money faster then milling herbs for 2 hours everyday. Alot of times this was all my time to play for the day. So I learned to automate some of my tasks but still hate milling my own herbs.

Mar 30, 2011

obsidium shuffle

Hey guys since I was talking about shuffling yesterday I wanted to let you know about a shuffle that I did. I bought 44 stacks off the AH for 49g  each.  Spending 2156g on ore and 87g on Jeweler settings. Then after prospecting  I got the following:

3 Inferno Ruby - 127 each on ah = 381g
2 Ocean Sapphire - market price 8g95s cut to Rigid Ocean Sapphire 49g99s = 99g88s
2 Amber Jewel -  market price 9g91s cut to Fractured Amber Jewel 23g91s 47g82s
5 Demon Eye - 39g56s each on AH = 197g80s
5 Dream Emerald -  21g85s each on ah = 109g25s
2 Ember Topaz - 34g62s each on ah =192g
Totals auction house prices 1020g75s -[ 5% ah fees (51g3s75c) +10g68s75c posting fee*] =

38 Zephyrite cut and vendored 342g
49 Alicite cut and vendored 441g
42 Jasper cut vendored 378g
53 Hessonite cut vendored 477g
45 Night Stone added 22 jewler settings (1g50s) to make Night Stone Choker - got one night stone choker of the landslide selling for 348g39s56c and 28 hypnotic dust (10g0s29c) and 12 lesser celestial essence (19g)
37 Carnelian added 36 jeweler settings (1g50s) to make Carnelian Spikes - DE making 26 greater Celsetial essence (62g28s93c) and 5 Hypnotic Dust (10g0s29c)

Totals from enchanting materials : 2177g61s75c -[5% ah fees 108g88s08c + 71s posting fee*] = 2068g02s67c
Total for cut AH : 348g39s56c -[5% ah fees 17g41s97c + 1g65s26c posting fee* (24 hr post) ] =                  329g32s33c
Totals from vendor cuts : 1638g

total endeavor: 4994g10s50c
minus expenses 2243
Total profit 2751g10s50c

Now I know that someone will go post all their product on the AH at once so I am going to tell you flat out don't flood the market with these items instead only post a few of each on the AH this will keep prices high and the chance of having to re-post to a minimum.

*posting fees are based on a one time post only at  12 hours except where noted.

Mar 29, 2011

The next thing.. episode 2

Markets fluctuate all the time there is no reason other then demand. You can't control what people want but you can have the items for them to buy ;)  The best thing that you can do when a market is change the materials to a better market item. Lets take a look at what is known as a shuffle. We take a stack of elementium ore stack is selling for 47g so if you have this ore you can sell it for that or you can prospect it and get some gems about 6 of them that are common green gems depending on what gems you get you can cut and vendor most of them for 9g each to make 54g that's a free 7g per stack based on that alone now you  could take it farther and use those gems with jewelers settings to cut into things like carnelian spikes to disenchant to get the materials.

Mar 28, 2011


Recently I had someone ask about enchanting and so I thought I would help with some people and their gold making. There are alot of lower level greens that sell for a decent amount like 10 - 15g but the problem with this is that it cost almost 3g to post this for 48 hrs.  When your money is low it makes no sence to post these. Instead it is more worth it to disenchant it.  Most of the time there is more call for the materials and the cost to post it is usually just a silver or two. I use Enchantrix part of auctioneer suit to tell me the prices of these to show what is better to disenchant or sell the item.

Mar 27, 2011

The next thing..

I have been seeing alot of activity in markets that I have decided to take over. One of the reasons I am seeing so much activity is due to the fact that I am creating a market of something. There may be someone never posting cobalt ore and then you post 1 stack every day and it may sell it may not but I can guarantee that if you don't post that it will never sell.  Yet it seems like when ever I start to post things on the auction house for a few weeks they start selling. Now people see that cobalt is moving again and they start to farm it. BaM now you just created a new supply of ore to the market place and you made a profit opening that market. Now it is time to get out and find a new spot to put that same stuff to work in a diffrent way.


One of the most time consuming professions in the game is Archaeology, next to fishing that is. Well there is alot of money to be made in this profession. You can sell the junk items for upwards of 1k most of the junk sells for a decent profit though, between 5-20g these are the few that I have found so far. Also there is a ton of XP to be gained doing this I leveled my Death Knight doing nothing but from 80 - 84 getting from 1-525 because I am looking for the Vial of sands recipe that as an alchemist I can make. I am not really working to much of this on other characters because most of the cool gear there is all BOA any how so it doesn't really matter. There are also things called runes that sell for a pretty penny on the AH. I have seen on my server them between 100g - 1000g. The best add-on I have found to use with this is TomTom. I also like Archy when it works for me it is awesome with the tracking of each site.

Mar 26, 2011

Embersilk Cloth.

Embersilk Cloth farming has been nerfed a few times. The best place that I have seen is in Tol Barad you can find alot of Restless Soldiers here that drop a good amount of Embersilk  If you have a character that can dot and go this is awesome because when the mobs get about 15-20k health then you can just let the mobs keep fighting each other but since you dot them you can just make small circles and collect the loot from all the bodies.

Zoxy over at Traiding with  Zoxy has a great post on this. You can find it here.

Mar 25, 2011

Vendor money. Obsidium and Elementium Ore

Recently there have been alot of bots going at it farming ore. What does this mean to you? Well the bottom price of Obsidium ore is 54g per stack. So when you can find the ore for less then this price then this it is all profit no matter how you cut the ores down. Prospecting it will get you at least 6 common gems that can be cut and vendored, giving you the 54g and usually there are a few rare gems in there too.  Elementium ore has been said to have a few different prices, I have heard as low as 42g and as high as 54g per stack. I use the price of 54g per stack as my base line just so that if the price is a bit lower then I am still protected. 

Mar 24, 2011

Vendor recipies day 5

Just wanted to let you know about a vendor Mari Stonehand she is in shadow moon vally  (36,55) she sells a recipe [Lesser Ward of Shielding] this is a limited quantity and costs 6g but you can sell them for 18 - 30g each there is a market when you want to level blacksmithing it is a really cheap recipe.

Mar 23, 2011

A little kindness goes along way.

I was barking Mysterious fortune cards today and someone whispered me that I was a fraud. I explained to him what the card was how they worked and where he could get them. Then he was very curious as to how I could afford to do this because at the time he only had 6 gold. When I then went and let him know how to make gold a few points of interest to me (stay tuned for some good ones.) Then after we were talking for a bit he started asking me other questions and pretty soon he was so happy because a item he put on the AH sold while we were talking.  The morel to this story is that as a player I have built a great friend in WoW because I told him how to make money, rather then just tell him go away.

Today's tip is to never let someone push you out of a market, instead back out kindly. By this I mean don't undercut someone because you can only undercut them to make it worth it.

Mar 22, 2011

Lets go farm for a while, leveling.

Many times there is a material that you are needing for a crafting profession. Well if it is something like mining or herbing you can do this on a lower level alt. This will give you some XP on the toon that you were playing any way. The reason you want to do this is it will help with the skill points gather mats and do things already you were going to do. Gathering is very easy with the add-on Gatherer to track for later. That way you don't have to go blind. I recommend this for all DPS classes. That way while you are waiting for those long times between Dungeons you can quest and farm at the same time. If you are a Tank or a healer I recommend getting skinning and Tailoring this way you can collect more skins and cloth for your main character that does the crafting professions. The reason for this is because as I have found if I want to play and instant queue character I will play a healer or a tank but if I want to just chill for a while and chat with my guild farm and do a quest or two.

Mar 21, 2011

Reminder tips.. farming ...BC

You remember that when you are out farming there are alot of places to farm. I just wanted to remind everyone that Primal back from Burning crusade are still worth alot of gold and at level 85 they are relatively easy to farm. I went out to the Throne of elements the other day on my Prot Pally and had no problem grinding out a few stacks of the mote of fire. Those are selling for about 3 gold each on my server or you can turn them into Eternal fire and sell them for over in the area of 45g each. Usually I have about 5-8 a week sell for me but you shouldn't have to worry about it because in 20 minutes to farm 6 of them you can get making you about 270g for 20 minutes of work no bad for farming i think. only thing is you cant do this but once a month or you will have it coming out your eyes. that or you will be having to sell it so cheap it will not be worth the price.

Mar 20, 2011

Quick tip - Buying professions

Just wanted to let you all know about leveling professions. Try to buy all your materials on Sunday night and Monday morning because this is when all the people who are farming all weekend are posting and undercutting everyone. This tip goes as well as for most materials that are great to get and re-post for the week. My rule of thumb is buy on Sunday Monday and try to bid for the server shut down.

Mar 19, 2011

Getting started lets go farm for a while.

I use to farm for things that I needed as a player. This is never looked on as bad just that there are more efficient ways to make money but to say the least I love to just sometimes when I am board I will go and farm things like ore and herbs. Sometimes when I get bored I will go and do things like Running old instances. The thing to look at when you are farming is if it worth it to do it as far as money goes. By this I mean if you are strapped for cash then evaluate where the money is best at. For example you can farm stacks of cloth say 30 stacks in an hour costing 5g per stack or you can go and farm 15 stacks of ore in the same time for 80g per stack then the reason is obvious. So you have 50g and that is all you have and want to get started in making tons of Gold then use that money to start at the bottom and look for good deals that are low cost to this endeavor. More to come later.

Mar 18, 2011

Bulk Buying.

I recently had someone ask about if it is worth it to buy in bulk vs singles. As alot of other people have already stated there is always a market for both. I personally will want to make an item say a Heavy Savage Armor Kit this takes 4 Heavy savage leather now if there is a stack of 20 Heavy savage leather and this is the cheapest leather on the AH then you will have 16 left after you craft the kit. So I personally will buy the 20 off the ah at the normal low price of about 80g for the stack and then sell the singles on the ah for say 6g each this will help off set the cost of your leather and 16x6=96g that you will make back selling singles. Sure it will take some time but the cost of the armor kit you made to use would be negated and then you will have 16g in your pocket before the AH cut of 5% and the posting fees of 1s per 12hr post. The point of the topic today is that no matter why you buy in bulk it is always worth it as long as there is a market for it.

Ps sorry about the late post for the day I try to put it up daily but some time Real life gets in the way.

Mar 17, 2011

Leather working tips..

I have been moving 8-10 Mammoth mining bags a week and these things cost almost nothing. On my server I am unloading them at about 185-225g and they only cost: 8 heavy borean leather = 48 borean leather 82s each = (39g36s) as of current prices on the ah for the leathers. I have my snatch list set up to grab them up at 46s though so I am increasing my profit almost 1000% from the prices they are selling for.

Mar 15, 2011

Vendor Items..

Okay well I wanted too let you know about the vendor in SW that is just out side the trade district that sells herbs Bernard Gump sells kingsblood and wild steelbloom.  They are both are just a silver so pick them up when you are around and then you can sell em in stacks of 5 for all those guys milling that buy them. 5s over a few days makes you 6g.

Mar 14, 2011

Quick tip

Just a quick tip you can duel farm meaning mining and herbalism. I have found that with questing and these pair of skills for an average hour of questing I usually pick up about 300g - 600g of mats and meats to sell on the auction house. I was doing this on my level 65 rogue, last night and got 8 stacks of ore 5 stacks of herbs and about 18 different pieces of meat. When I logged back in I had 742g in my mail box to log in for a level 65 character I think that is really good. Also the benefit of doing this is that it helped me level.

Mar 13, 2011

Free money

I was just scanning the auction house tonight and found Zephyrite on sale in the auction house for under 9g each.  You can buy these and cut them to any gem and then vendor the gem and get 9g in return for them. Of course the price of the gem on the AH is going to determine your profit. As a person looking to make a little bit of money on the side then this is just a few silver each time but tonight i bought out almost 200 of them all about 8g25s each so this made me a profit of 150g just for some afk crafting while I went and had some afk time.

Mar 12, 2011


Okay well as I was out scanning the ah I found that there are lots of items on there that only have bid with no buy out and there are tons of them there. I find that when it comes to commodities there is no better way to get these items. I have found things like titanium ore for 2g bid  a stack. Most players will just go pass these because they want it now and can't wait. There is no better opportunity then to take advantage of this frequent opportunity. You can usually make an easy 50 - 100g just buying these commodities from the auction house and flipping them back when you put your money into them.  Now keep in mind that if you are bidding on these items it will lock up some of your money for the duration of the bid so keep an eye on that. Another point of interest you will want to know is that if you don't win the auction you will get your money back so it will be a win win situation so if you win then great post the item if not then just go find then next deal. I usually only like to bid on things that have a short time left so that my money doesn't get locked up to much.

Mar 8, 2011

Pets of the vanity sort.

There are many pets that you can sell and today I want to let you know about the vendor pets that you can sell for a profit. Just to name a few are the pets in daleran, the neather storm vendor at the consortium there are the moths in exodar and the cats out side of Storm Wind.. Since I play alliance There are a few horde ones you can get too the cockroach in undercity is popular and sells well on the neutral auction house. These pets range in prices from 50s - 50g and the profit is very different for example i sell moths all day long they cost only 50s but they sell for about 7-15g but the obsidian hatching cost 50g from the vendor in Daleran and sells for about 115g so the moth has a return of 3000% and the hatching has a profit of 130% profit it is just about what you can sell.

Edit: the dark moon Fair is here and  Flik runs around and sells 2 frogs:
Tree Frog box 1g , These sell for about 12-17g
Wood frog box 1g These sell really well  usually sell about 10-12g 
That makes these really good for profit too.

Mar 7, 2011

Neatherweave Bags

It doesnt matter what level you are there can always be gold made in bags. the Steeple of a tailors skill are bags. These are only a small profit for the Neatherweave cloth bags. They take one stack of Nether weave cloth to make one and usually sell for between 10g and 20g  for my server the cloth sells for about 40s and this comes to 8g per stack. I usually go through about 50-60 bags a week. The way i have it set up is to use an automail add-on that is in Zero auctions but I am sure any will work the same. I set the craft queue to what ever I have collected from my snatching of the week. Set click craft then I wait until my auto mailer has taken the first bag to send to my banker and leave it running until it runs out of materials and logs off. This way I only have to do it once a week or when ever i run out of bags.

Mar 6, 2011

Reminder tips..

Not sure what professions you are working with but I am working on getting all professions covered here. My goal here will be to give everyone here some information about getting gold: Today's tip will be that you should be using a snatch list of some type. I use the snatch feature of auctioneer so your results may be different. One tip that I have been using for a long time that someone showed me some time ago is to get 3x Aquamarine and 4x Flask of Mojo to craft Aquamarine Signet  then you disenchant the item to get small radiant shards  the prices of these items I have set to 
 flask of mojo 75s x4 = 3g
 Aquamarine  50s x3 = 1.5g
dienchant         total  = 4.5g
 small radiant shards 10g
profit of 5.5g

This is just an old tip that I wanted some people to see, that you can still make money from all the old things.


Joshs gold tips Day one..

I want this to be viable source of gold tips. I know there are a ton of other sites out there and I am aware of this but would like to have a central location for people to be able to follow the mass of information. I am going to attempt to be able to walk you through every thing that I am doing to get to the gold Cap. I am going to post all the good tips that I can think of and welcome anyone feed back that I can get.