May 1, 2012

Posting like a pro.

Do you want to have more gold then you need?

After getting requests from people asking what do you do to make so much gold? I decided that I would answer people with a brief answer of "post auctions" the biggest thing that people don't realize is that it doesn't matter if you want to make 100 gold or 1 million gold, it is the same thing.

First things first. You need some good add-ons. I recommend TSM (trade skill master) to anyone who wants to post auctions

Using TSM it is kind of confusing and there are so many options to use. There are a ton of guides out there that cover how to use it and how to set it up, so I will skip that part.

Ok so now you have your options set for that one thing that you want to post. Great now on to make more items in your list. Then you want to make sure that you post often. I found that by posting 2-3x a day is the best way to post. See most people post when they get done playing for the night. This is good but in order to maximize your profits I find the best times to post are one time in the am like before work or school. The second time would be after lunch about 3:30 or when you can get there. The third time that I am thinking about is just before you get ready to play, this is because you have to realize that everyone else is getting ready to do the same thing. The best times to post is just before people really start to play because you are going be supplying them with the items they need to do the things they are going to do.The quantity of things that you list will change as the day does but you will see as you are working that the list will just keep growing as you learn new professions and figure out where to get new items.

Volatile volume and profit.

Hey guys I want to let you know about a way that I have seen making gold. I watch markets closely and often, you should as well. There have been a lot of people asking me, "Josh how can I make gold the way you do?" I often will reply " the best way to make money is what I call the shotgun method. The shotgun method is where you cover the whole market, much like a shot gun spread would look like.

The basic premise of the shotgun method is that you want to cover as much as possible with out actually being in any market. So this will allow you to cover many markets often just with out fully investing in a whole market. Most of your money will come from one or two professions but you want to see if you can get just touching other professions.