Mar 26, 2011

Embersilk Cloth.

Embersilk Cloth farming has been nerfed a few times. The best place that I have seen is in Tol Barad you can find alot of Restless Soldiers here that drop a good amount of Embersilk  If you have a character that can dot and go this is awesome because when the mobs get about 15-20k health then you can just let the mobs keep fighting each other but since you dot them you can just make small circles and collect the loot from all the bodies.

Zoxy over at Traiding with  Zoxy has a great post on this. You can find it here.

Mar 25, 2011

Vendor money. Obsidium and Elementium Ore

Recently there have been alot of bots going at it farming ore. What does this mean to you? Well the bottom price of Obsidium ore is 54g per stack. So when you can find the ore for less then this price then this it is all profit no matter how you cut the ores down. Prospecting it will get you at least 6 common gems that can be cut and vendored, giving you the 54g and usually there are a few rare gems in there too.  Elementium ore has been said to have a few different prices, I have heard as low as 42g and as high as 54g per stack. I use the price of 54g per stack as my base line just so that if the price is a bit lower then I am still protected. 

Mar 24, 2011

Vendor recipies day 5

Just wanted to let you know about a vendor Mari Stonehand she is in shadow moon vally  (36,55) she sells a recipe [Lesser Ward of Shielding] this is a limited quantity and costs 6g but you can sell them for 18 - 30g each there is a market when you want to level blacksmithing it is a really cheap recipe.

Mar 23, 2011

A little kindness goes along way.

I was barking Mysterious fortune cards today and someone whispered me that I was a fraud. I explained to him what the card was how they worked and where he could get them. Then he was very curious as to how I could afford to do this because at the time he only had 6 gold. When I then went and let him know how to make gold a few points of interest to me (stay tuned for some good ones.) Then after we were talking for a bit he started asking me other questions and pretty soon he was so happy because a item he put on the AH sold while we were talking.  The morel to this story is that as a player I have built a great friend in WoW because I told him how to make money, rather then just tell him go away.

Today's tip is to never let someone push you out of a market, instead back out kindly. By this I mean don't undercut someone because you can only undercut them to make it worth it.

Mar 22, 2011

Lets go farm for a while, leveling.

Many times there is a material that you are needing for a crafting profession. Well if it is something like mining or herbing you can do this on a lower level alt. This will give you some XP on the toon that you were playing any way. The reason you want to do this is it will help with the skill points gather mats and do things already you were going to do. Gathering is very easy with the add-on Gatherer to track for later. That way you don't have to go blind. I recommend this for all DPS classes. That way while you are waiting for those long times between Dungeons you can quest and farm at the same time. If you are a Tank or a healer I recommend getting skinning and Tailoring this way you can collect more skins and cloth for your main character that does the crafting professions. The reason for this is because as I have found if I want to play and instant queue character I will play a healer or a tank but if I want to just chill for a while and chat with my guild farm and do a quest or two.

Mar 21, 2011

Reminder tips.. farming ...BC

You remember that when you are out farming there are alot of places to farm. I just wanted to remind everyone that Primal back from Burning crusade are still worth alot of gold and at level 85 they are relatively easy to farm. I went out to the Throne of elements the other day on my Prot Pally and had no problem grinding out a few stacks of the mote of fire. Those are selling for about 3 gold each on my server or you can turn them into Eternal fire and sell them for over in the area of 45g each. Usually I have about 5-8 a week sell for me but you shouldn't have to worry about it because in 20 minutes to farm 6 of them you can get making you about 270g for 20 minutes of work no bad for farming i think. only thing is you cant do this but once a month or you will have it coming out your eyes. that or you will be having to sell it so cheap it will not be worth the price.

Mar 20, 2011

Quick tip - Buying professions

Just wanted to let you all know about leveling professions. Try to buy all your materials on Sunday night and Monday morning because this is when all the people who are farming all weekend are posting and undercutting everyone. This tip goes as well as for most materials that are great to get and re-post for the week. My rule of thumb is buy on Sunday Monday and try to bid for the server shut down.