May 10, 2012


Hello lady's, and gentlemen. Today I would like to tell you about the newest and latest, website that I have found just recently that helps with all sorts of things going on in the auction house. The web site is  called Wowuction The gold Queen has an awesome video that says it better then I can so here you go..

The website is make sure to let him know how awesome it is..

May 8, 2012

the flip

As you are surfing the auction house you will see a lot of things there that are marked wrong or even to low. The low based products can be seen after about 3-4 days of checking prices.

One item that I have been keeping an eye on is maelstrom crystals these items usually sell for just about 200 gold on my server during peak times. So often will I find myself buying these at about the price of 170 gold. Then to just wait and repost them.

Depending on the actual cost sometimes I will go as far as to just buy the market out and just reset it, but that's a different post. Usually when I am working on a specific profession then is when I see price fluctuation. So stick with it and you will soon be making tons of gold as well.

Just wanted to give some direction on what others are saying at phat lewts gold be sure to see what he has to say on the same topic.

May 1, 2012

Posting like a pro.

Do you want to have more gold then you need?

After getting requests from people asking what do you do to make so much gold? I decided that I would answer people with a brief answer of "post auctions" the biggest thing that people don't realize is that it doesn't matter if you want to make 100 gold or 1 million gold, it is the same thing.

First things first. You need some good add-ons. I recommend TSM (trade skill master) to anyone who wants to post auctions

Using TSM it is kind of confusing and there are so many options to use. There are a ton of guides out there that cover how to use it and how to set it up, so I will skip that part.

Ok so now you have your options set for that one thing that you want to post. Great now on to make more items in your list. Then you want to make sure that you post often. I found that by posting 2-3x a day is the best way to post. See most people post when they get done playing for the night. This is good but in order to maximize your profits I find the best times to post are one time in the am like before work or school. The second time would be after lunch about 3:30 or when you can get there. The third time that I am thinking about is just before you get ready to play, this is because you have to realize that everyone else is getting ready to do the same thing. The best times to post is just before people really start to play because you are going be supplying them with the items they need to do the things they are going to do.The quantity of things that you list will change as the day does but you will see as you are working that the list will just keep growing as you learn new professions and figure out where to get new items.

Volatile volume and profit.

Hey guys I want to let you know about a way that I have seen making gold. I watch markets closely and often, you should as well. There have been a lot of people asking me, "Josh how can I make gold the way you do?" I often will reply " the best way to make money is what I call the shotgun method. The shotgun method is where you cover the whole market, much like a shot gun spread would look like.

The basic premise of the shotgun method is that you want to cover as much as possible with out actually being in any market. So this will allow you to cover many markets often just with out fully investing in a whole market. Most of your money will come from one or two professions but you want to see if you can get just touching other professions.

Apr 25, 2012

A whole new world 4.

Just wanted to let people know what's going on. Let's see. We are up to level 5 in the guild now and that means we have a 5% bonus to the guild when someone loots we are offering 5% bonus xp and are 70% to level 6. By getting to level 6 we will have 10% xp bonus.

As for the guild and day to day activities, well first off the guild is not really being ran as a guild it ia being ran as an enterprise. I log in every day or 3 and just use my guild invite add-on. Then we usually get 4-6 people and then I log out. The access I give the guild is they have repairs and access to a few bank tabs. From there they do what they want and we just roll over more people next week. On average I would say we gain 10 people per week and lose 7 so we keep moving forward. I am trying to maintain that this guild is not being ran by me but rather being ran by the members of the guild to their own needs.

To give you a recap of the money situation currently have just under 2k personally and the guild is at about 2200 of the 2500 they need to get the next tab. The guild seems to be leveling a lot slower now since me and my comrade are not actively leveling characters on that server. He has decided to do some pvp for a bit and I have been focusing on my main to be raid ready.

On a side note, have you ever been playing with someone that is constantly telling you that you need to get (what ever they are doing) so you can (do what ever it is) and then when you get geared enough then they don't want to do that any more.

Apr 5, 2012

Beta access

So I woke up today as per usual and checked my e-mail. I have received beta access to mist of pandaria,(or how ever you spell that).  So I started downloading the installer and hopped in the shower to start the day off. I then finished up with my morning cycle of posting auctions and all that jazz. Checked the J.C. daily looks like it was the latest fashion so no gems needed to be posted. Excitedly I sit here at work agonizing over the hours until I can get home and check out the beta. I will post as much about the new expansion that I can. Is there anything that you are going to want to know about? Need me to look at some thing in the new area? Let me know if I should look some where.

Mar 21, 2012

What was loved is now lost.

Hey guys out there in the inter webs. I was just wanting to post you an update and let you know what's going on. Well for the start I have to say that cataclysm is basicly dead. There is a lot of money to be made still but most of it is just the steady grind for money. This is the time that you should be stocking up on everything that you want to have later.

Ok now that I got all that out of the way. I wanted to get into something more personal. I have a lot of things going on in my real life and it is taking a lot of my out of game time. I have so many things going on in real life that are taking a lot of my time. See I am working on well I having a garden, buying some property, working on my music and maintaining a full time job. In addition to this I am looking to be moving to Washington state in the next few years as well.

I was reading power word gold by Jim and he was saying that he will be going into a low power mode for a while and I thought to my self that I should go and make a post to let everyone out there know that I was doing the same. I don't have as much going on as Jim does but that I am understanding and going through the same thing. Real life needs to come first.

Feb 13, 2012

Whole new world update 3

Hey guys and girls out there in the blogosphere it has been about a week or so since I have had a chance to post anything to you and am actually writing this post from my phone. I have been having real life. We can just leave that for now, we will get back to it later.

So here I am on this new server (name still being withheld for security reasons), and I have this guy that I recruited basicly running the guild and recruiting random people to the guild. There is only myself and this one person in the guild that are people who know what's going on in the guild.

So what have we been doing well, first off we recruit about 35 - 40 people a day and when we start to reach cap then the old people have that have been inactive will be removed but for now they might come back and help later. We are currently about 250 members. Just made the guild level 2 over the weekend. As a group Matt and I usually try to get a third person in the guild to run with us to make more guild rep to level faster. Also we split the gold that is deposited in the guild 5 ways so when we do our random then we will pay the guildie 25 g and we offer free repairs for those that need it or want it. So for the casual player who wants guild benefits and no worries about guild drama this guild will work great. We are just running this guild as a for profit organization. Everything we do in the guild is just to advance each person, now it benefits everyone but the immediate result is for the individual person.

Enough about the guild so what's going on with the money. Well it started out tough but as time goes on there is more and more coming in. It is actually a lot easier to do this for the second or 3rd time then it was to do the first time. So how have I been generating money well I took Jim's suggestion and did the daily cooking quest in storm wind (since I play alliance) then I sold the beans for about 1 g each that turns to about 40 g per day when they all sell. Second I went and started buying vendor items and flipping those on the auction house. I took up 2 gathering professions skinning and mining to help generate some funds. The problem there is with RAF we are power leveling so fast my mining is about 120 and I'm level 50ish then my skinning is also lacking. So I have been working on that a bit and posting to the AH when I get anything. Selling cooking bits and cloth that's is gathered along the way.  So with just under 2 days played time I have obtained roughly 800g 4 bank tab guild and a level 54 warlock just over 3000g worth of inventory and plenty of people to help push forward to gold capping by MOP. Well I better get to work. Break time is over.

Feb 2, 2012

Raid ready Wtf?

Okay guys and gals I just have something to get off my chest. This has nothing to do with raiding and I wanted to bring this to a public forum. If you don't like this post then just skip it or pleave me a comment to tell me how bad I am for posting about non gold related material.

My mother use to tell me "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all." The only problem with this is what do you say when you are asked a direct question.

Okay now that's out of the way I want to talk about raiding and random pick up groups aka pugs. There are a lot of random groups being put together today and there is so much hate. I just want to know where is the love. What I am talking about here is you get in a group and then someone doesn't POP their class buff. You know the guy who just forgot about it for a minute. Well then someone says something about how someone is a noob or how the person is awful and that they suck. This kind of action always makes me think  what kind of up bringing did this kid have? Now I know a lot of people who play wow are older now and there are a ton of young people playing too, I just don't want people to think I am referring to a juvenile.

Any how back to what I was trying to get to is that when you play with a group of people it is always easier to blame someone else because you don't know how to be kind. I mean really all that you have to do is calmly explain to the person  what the error was. Then from that point explain how the person could have done the job they were assigned. See I have this person that I know personally when s/he gets in a group and the tank drops agro then s/he freaks out saying things like. Wtf noob you suck. When in actuality s/he has no idea how to play a tank or a healer all this person ever plays is a dps role. There is no reason for this person to ever criticize a tank since mostly he has never done what he is claiming should be so easy.

The moral of the story is just do what you know. If someone is not as skilled at it as you are then teach them how to be better.

Jan 31, 2012

Dumping products.

I was recently asked if there were any idea about how to get rid of things that are not selling on the auction house. To answer this l are no real answers that can be given. First it all depends on what you have and what options are available to you. First I like to look at this chart to first figure out what there is that I can do with it.

Raw materials - sell
Convert the item - sell
Craft item - sell
Disenchant the item - sell
Create scrolls - sell

Now if you find that you have something that you are not sure what to do with it you can look to where the items fit and then sell them based on the point.

This is the same flow chart that you will often find in many on the professions and with out actually understanding what products or items were still being questioned then there is no way to know what to do with an item.


If you are trying to sell items that are just not moving one the ah the tricks that I like to use is to do things with peoples mind and get some conversion going in trade. Say something "use an unknown alt" like oh wow I didn't know you could get Item X on the ah so cheap now a days. Or you can also let people look at the item by saying something like hey I'm over here at the ah and want to know what would be better. Then you can focus these items to that class or spec.

The easiest method I have found is to tell people " now on ah dirt cheap get it before its gone"

Another tip I have for this is to sell it for outlandish price for about 2 weeks to get the price set super high and then use the dirt cheap method.

Jan 27, 2012

Owning the markets and why to buy out the market.

Never by out a market to reset the price. I read this post over on markets for gold (I think). . As I was sitting here reading that title I was thinking to my self Wtf? I have been owning the market on many items most notable the true gold and the frozen orb markets. Now both of these markets are limited items. While it is possible to get more orbs by doing more runs, it gets to the point of it is cheaper to buy a market out and reset the price to double the current market price or what ever the true value of the items are. For example on my server the cutting wars get so bad that at some times you can buy true gold for just about 400 gold but many times the bars sell for over 700 gold. So being able to control the market on limited supply items may be able to get you more gold then you think. So the basic response about it not being something you want to do, well that only is true on markets that have a low market entry. What I mean here is don't buy any items that are able to be mass produced for low to no cost. Since the mark up of the item is usually going to kill the re-posting value.

Jan 22, 2012


Today I was playing world of warcraft and got banned for Reason for Action: In-Game Chat Policy Violation - Advertisement and Spamming. Now I have had this happen before for a diffrent reason. Last time I was using an add-on that basicly flooded the screen. So I saw what happened to late and then got suspended. totally my fault. this time though I dont understand it see I was just posting that I was selling mysterious fortune cards on the ah for 20g. then the next thing I know i am being sent an e-mail that I was spamming. I think that it is intresting how when i am on a character getting posted to buy gold from some where and yet here i am just trying to hit gold cap and then they call it spaming. Wow I have to love all those haters out there reporting me for trying to make money. The most crazy thing about that Is that if someone else were to use that same mechanic you could most likely get alot of people banned. so i am thinking that there has to be some sort of exploit to this that could be utilized, if one were so to be inclined to do such a thing.
1. how many people would have to report someone for spamming to get a ban would have to be determined then the fact of getting that many accounts at one time to report someone would be as easy as just multiboxing.

Jan 9, 2012

Gold automating.

<p>The was a post that I read recently and wanted to put my own bit of information. This post was talking about the fact that people don't have any money, nothing is just going to POP up and balm you have a ton of gold. The best way that I have found was with the help of a few add-ons. There are 3 types of people when it comes to add-ons. The fist type of person is the one who refuses to use an addon they, have something in their brain that says no add-ons. I am not talking to these people. The second group is the people who are willing to learn about the addons. These are the primary group that I am looking to talk to. The third set of people are the people who installed some add-ons and then gets angry because they don't know or want to learn. This person does not understand the advantage of the one time configuration might take 5, minutes to set up but the time that is saved is going to add up to a lot more time. Let me show group 2 what I mean and how it will be so easy. Ok first you have to install 4 addons 1. Item auditor. 2. Trade skill master. 3. Postal. 4. Bank stack With all of these addons installed it takes me less then 10 minutes to log into 3 different characters and post. The most time spent is unloading my mail box.

First thing I do is log in to my banker and post. Then I go to the bank, swap bags and sit at the mailbox for the mail dump. Using bank stack I can hit the bank, dump and then back to filling my bags. Once my bags are full again I dump to the bank again and post anything left in my bags. (These items are usually just things like flipped gear or stacks of stock that I need to profit from or use.items

Jan 3, 2012

A whole new world part 2

I have been working on my off realm a bit here and there over the last few days. Not a lot of time with everything that has been happening in my life lately and not a ton of time to post. Okay so here is what I have set up so far. First I have made 2 characters on the server the first one I made was a Orc warrior after the historic Marco not the new marco. I made a Dk as well to get to 75 and power level my crafts to get up on money. I have my character about 1/2 way through the starter area. I am going to start with a miner and herbalist. I will have these two professions to do 3 things:
1. I will be stocking some materials to level other professions.
2. I will start to gather some seed money to start flipping items on the ah.
3. My xp is still not maxed out so every bit of xp that is given might as well be used.

I have leveled many characters over and over just from doing things like farming to gather materials. So why not maximize on this, you will start with a low GPH (gold per hour) but the benefits of the xp can not be bought with gold. More to come...