Jan 27, 2012

Owning the markets and why to buy out the market.

Never by out a market to reset the price. I read this post over on markets for gold (I think). . As I was sitting here reading that title I was thinking to my self Wtf? I have been owning the market on many items most notable the true gold and the frozen orb markets. Now both of these markets are limited items. While it is possible to get more orbs by doing more runs, it gets to the point of it is cheaper to buy a market out and reset the price to double the current market price or what ever the true value of the items are. For example on my server the cutting wars get so bad that at some times you can buy true gold for just about 400 gold but many times the bars sell for over 700 gold. So being able to control the market on limited supply items may be able to get you more gold then you think. So the basic response about it not being something you want to do, well that only is true on markets that have a low market entry. What I mean here is don't buy any items that are able to be mass produced for low to no cost. Since the mark up of the item is usually going to kill the re-posting value.

Jan 22, 2012


Today I was playing world of warcraft and got banned for Reason for Action: In-Game Chat Policy Violation - Advertisement and Spamming. Now I have had this happen before for a diffrent reason. Last time I was using an add-on that basicly flooded the screen. So I saw what happened to late and then got suspended. totally my fault. this time though I dont understand it see I was just posting that I was selling mysterious fortune cards on the ah for 20g. then the next thing I know i am being sent an e-mail that I was spamming. I think that it is intresting how when i am on a character getting posted to buy gold from some where and yet here i am just trying to hit gold cap and then they call it spaming. Wow I have to love all those haters out there reporting me for trying to make money. The most crazy thing about that Is that if someone else were to use that same mechanic you could most likely get alot of people banned. so i am thinking that there has to be some sort of exploit to this that could be utilized, if one were so to be inclined to do such a thing.
1. how many people would have to report someone for spamming to get a ban would have to be determined then the fact of getting that many accounts at one time to report someone would be as easy as just multiboxing.