Mar 12, 2011


Okay well as I was out scanning the ah I found that there are lots of items on there that only have bid with no buy out and there are tons of them there. I find that when it comes to commodities there is no better way to get these items. I have found things like titanium ore for 2g bid  a stack. Most players will just go pass these because they want it now and can't wait. There is no better opportunity then to take advantage of this frequent opportunity. You can usually make an easy 50 - 100g just buying these commodities from the auction house and flipping them back when you put your money into them.  Now keep in mind that if you are bidding on these items it will lock up some of your money for the duration of the bid so keep an eye on that. Another point of interest you will want to know is that if you don't win the auction you will get your money back so it will be a win win situation so if you win then great post the item if not then just go find then next deal. I usually only like to bid on things that have a short time left so that my money doesn't get locked up to much.

Mar 8, 2011

Pets of the vanity sort.

There are many pets that you can sell and today I want to let you know about the vendor pets that you can sell for a profit. Just to name a few are the pets in daleran, the neather storm vendor at the consortium there are the moths in exodar and the cats out side of Storm Wind.. Since I play alliance There are a few horde ones you can get too the cockroach in undercity is popular and sells well on the neutral auction house. These pets range in prices from 50s - 50g and the profit is very different for example i sell moths all day long they cost only 50s but they sell for about 7-15g but the obsidian hatching cost 50g from the vendor in Daleran and sells for about 115g so the moth has a return of 3000% and the hatching has a profit of 130% profit it is just about what you can sell.

Edit: the dark moon Fair is here and  Flik runs around and sells 2 frogs:
Tree Frog box 1g , These sell for about 12-17g
Wood frog box 1g These sell really well  usually sell about 10-12g 
That makes these really good for profit too.

Mar 7, 2011

Neatherweave Bags

It doesnt matter what level you are there can always be gold made in bags. the Steeple of a tailors skill are bags. These are only a small profit for the Neatherweave cloth bags. They take one stack of Nether weave cloth to make one and usually sell for between 10g and 20g  for my server the cloth sells for about 40s and this comes to 8g per stack. I usually go through about 50-60 bags a week. The way i have it set up is to use an automail add-on that is in Zero auctions but I am sure any will work the same. I set the craft queue to what ever I have collected from my snatching of the week. Set click craft then I wait until my auto mailer has taken the first bag to send to my banker and leave it running until it runs out of materials and logs off. This way I only have to do it once a week or when ever i run out of bags.

Mar 6, 2011

Reminder tips..

Not sure what professions you are working with but I am working on getting all professions covered here. My goal here will be to give everyone here some information about getting gold: Today's tip will be that you should be using a snatch list of some type. I use the snatch feature of auctioneer so your results may be different. One tip that I have been using for a long time that someone showed me some time ago is to get 3x Aquamarine and 4x Flask of Mojo to craft Aquamarine Signet  then you disenchant the item to get small radiant shards  the prices of these items I have set to 
 flask of mojo 75s x4 = 3g
 Aquamarine  50s x3 = 1.5g
dienchant         total  = 4.5g
 small radiant shards 10g
profit of 5.5g

This is just an old tip that I wanted some people to see, that you can still make money from all the old things.


Joshs gold tips Day one..

I want this to be viable source of gold tips. I know there are a ton of other sites out there and I am aware of this but would like to have a central location for people to be able to follow the mass of information. I am going to attempt to be able to walk you through every thing that I am doing to get to the gold Cap. I am going to post all the good tips that I can think of and welcome anyone feed back that I can get.